The Doomsday Prophecy


Sometimes trouble just follows a man! An electrifying and utterly gripping must-read for fans of Dan Brown, Sam Bourne and Ludlum's Bourne series.

When ex-SAS operative Ben Hope decided to give up his life rescuing kidnap victims and return to the Theology studies he abandoned years before, he should have known that fate would decide differently. When his old professor begs him to find his missing daughter, the wild and wayward biblical archaeologist Zoe Bradbury, Ben soon finds himself saddled with his most dangerous mission yet. What is the ancient biblical secret that Zoe uncovered? And who will stop at nothing to protect it? As his quest leads Ben from the Greek islands to the American Deep South and the holy city of Jerusalem, he comes to realise that it's not just his and Zoe's lives on the line, but those of millions. The stakes are unimaginably high as he finds himself racing to prevent a terrible disaster that could kick-start nothing less than the End Times foretold by the Book of Revelation…

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