Russian Amerika


Жанр Фантастика

Подборка Russian Amerika

Год 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4165-2116-7

Язык Английский

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Liberty is Born in the Czar’s American LandsFight for Free Amerika!

21st century Russian Amerika—a cold, hard land held in chains by a brutal police state. But now the Cossacks have met their match in a rebel army of Athabaskans and outcast creoles. New republic or slavery’s chains?

It will all come down to a gritty and courageous rebel commander and a final courageous stand at the remote fortress known as the Chena Redoubt.

A debut alternate history of astonishing power and prescience from Alaskan native Stoney Compton!

Alaska, 1989. In a world where Alaska is still a Russian possession, charter captain Grigorivich Plesnett has a stained past—as a major in the Czar’s Troika Guard he was cashiered for disobeying a direct order. Now, ten years later, Grig charters out to a cossack and discovers his past has not only caught up with him but is about to violently change his future, and the future of all nine of the nations of North America as well. Spanning Alaska from the Southeastern Inside Passage to the frozen Yukon, this is an epic tale of one man’s journey of redemption and courage to face old challenges and help birth a new nation.

Cover artist: Kurt Miller.

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