A Cry In The Night


“For sheer storytelling power-and breathtaking pace- Clark is without peer.” – People

“ Clark is a flawless storyteller…” – Washington Post Book World

“Mary Higgins Clark has become the grande dame of American thriller writing…” – Los Angeles Times Book Review

“No one knows better than Mary Higgins Clark how to turn fear into great entertainment. To mystery fans, she is a true national treasure.” – Associated Press

“There’s no denying Mary Higgins Clark’s formidable storytelling powers…” – The New York Times Book Review

“Mary Higgins Clark, like Alfred Hitchcock before her, stakes out a claim to a kind of fear that is absolutely terrifying because it bubbles under the surface of ordinary lives.” – Cosmopolitan


Talented Erich Krueger seemed like the answer to Jenny's prayers, but after their marriage, she began to notice his obsession with his dead mother, and his possessiveness. Stumbling across old family secrets about a string of deaths, Jenny fears for herself and her children.

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