Жанр Юмор

Год 2018

ISBN: 978-0-89296-468-0

Язык Английский

Обьем книги: Полная версия

Humans is a jumbo-sized fantasy thriller featuring angels, demons, all-too-human humans, and nothing less than the complete destruction of planet Earth! The world stinks. God is fed up. He’s ready to take action. One of His very best Angels has been given the contract. He’s sent to round up a disparate crew of human beings from every corner of the world — a Soviet joke-writer, a Kenyan prostitute, a Brazilian ex-superstar chanteuse, a Chinese student-dissident, and a career criminal from Omaha, among them — gently manipulate them into a rendezvous, and set the wheels rolling for them to bring about the End of the World as We Know It. Not an easy job, but you don’t get to be an Angel without learning a few dirty tricks. But — there’s Somebody who happens to like what the human race has been doing with the planet. And soon our Angel finds himself challenged by a very wily Demon — dispatched by the Arch-fiend himself — whose mission is to save the world. Deciding whom to root for is only one of the pleasures afforded by Donald E. Westlake’s brilliant new novel.

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