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16 POST-APOCALYPTIC HORROR STORIES One day the world as we know it will end. Will it become a place of stark divisions where the lower class’s best hope is a quick death, or a world infested with the undead? Maybe the end will come quietly at our own hands, or as a crack in the Earth’s very surface, or at the hand of an alien race hell-bent on our destruction? Will a hero be there to save us or will they be the end of us? Do you really want to know?

Lust and horror, two of the strongest feelings humans can experience, are combined in this anthology from Blood Bound Books. 21 short stories of pleasure and pain, divided by nothing more than a thin gray line. And the only thing more terrifying than the taboo kinks themselves, is the fact that maybe you can actually relate. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself within these pages. What’s your pleasure, and how far would you go to achieve your steamy scream?

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