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"Ярость дьявола" раскрывает историю Кейн - главы мафиозного клана, и её возлюбленной Эммы. Кейн под угрозой со всех сторон, и, что б защитить то, что ей дорого, она должна выпустить на волю Дьявола, что внутри неё. Накал преступных страстей растёт, одновременно разгораются и страсти любовные. Вторая книга в срии "Клан Кейси". 

Parker “Kong” King is the number one tennis player in the world with a real talent for getting women in her bed. To prepare herself for the one title she’s never won—and avoid the press and her ex—she retreats to a secluded home in Press Cove, Alabama. There she’ll also be safe from the Soldiers of God who’ve threatened to kill her for what they see as her depraved lifestyle.

Commercial pilot Captain Sydney Parish loves the order that comes from a well-constructed plan for everything, her only failure being her personal life. She hopes a vacation will help heal her bruised heart, but soon finds that might not be possible when she discovers she’s one house over from Parker King.

When Parker and Sydney meet, sparks fly, but not from attraction. They have the summer to see if they have a love match, or will the Soldiers of God kill their chance for a relationship?

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